RWCT Members – Burma and Thailand

thinking Classroom Foundation


More than 300 Active Trainers across Burma/Myanmar and the Thai-Burma Border


All levels (from Preschool to Higher Education)


Burmese and local ethnic languages

Trains in

Chiang Mai, Thailand; Burma; and elsewhere. Conducts 8-10 intensive RWCT workshops lasting 7-10 days for 200-300 teachers annually. Trains via distance learning on RWCT topics. More than 400 participants join each virtual training.


OSF, DFID, Ministry of Education of Myanmar, local Grassroot Education Organizations (Indigenous Education groups, Disability Education Groups, Community-based schools, Faith-based schools, Refugees, IDPs, Migrants schools, etc.), Prospect Burma (UK), The Youth Hope Foundation (USA), The Pam Baker Foundation (Hong Kong), and the Maitri Trust (UK)


Publications in Burmese and English:


Workshop Materials


Has trained thousands of educators in Chiang Mai and Burma, often in partnership with Buddhist monastic schools. Shares teaching resources and position papers with Burmese educators and with the RWCT network.


Dr. Thein Lwin, Chair and Ms. Hawng Tsai, Director • Thinking Classroom Foundation • Chiang Mai, Thailand. 50000



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